Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rock the Vote Results and Next Bracket

Since none of the polls were particularly close races, we decided to close the polls early. We can do things like that. Wanna fight about it? It's like how the news reports an election winner--we're calling this one. The funny thing about our results for The Lion King Bracket is that all of our top (and randomly chosen) seeds came out ahead. I wonder if that will happen for our other brackets?

So, without further ado, here are YOUR WINNERS OF ROUND 1:
-"Be a Man" ousted "Ratigan" and will face off against "Be Our Guest" in Round 2, which defeated "Why Should I Worry." That one is sure to be a nail-biter!
-"Gaston" won over "Out There" and will be pitted against "Be Prepared" which whooped the butt of "I Won't Say I'm in Love" in Round 2. A battle of the villain songs!
-"Hakuna Matata" bumped off "Go the Distance" and will meet "Friend Like Me" in Round 2, which was conclusively victorious over "Colors of the Wind" (much to Maria's dismay).
-Finally, "A Whole New World" earned the best love ballad spot over "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" (sorry, Sir Elton), and will face "Under the Sea" in Round 2, which was deemed to be the best Little Mermaid song over "Part of Your World."

It was a fun race, but WE CAN DO BETTER NEXT TIME! Tell all your friends to help us in our quest. SPEAKING OF WHICH...

"The time has come," the William said,
"To vote on other things;
Of woman after puppy coats,
Of a monkey who's a king
And of a drunken elephant
And seven dwarfs that sing."

Let us prepare ourselves for our next venture into judging the finest Disney song of all time. For the next three days we will explore The Snow White Bracket. These are all those timeless Disney classics that made Walter E. Disney the Emperor of the United States and (by extension) the World. Again, these are his animated films - so for those chomping at the bit for live action, you will have to wait! Shall we? You will have until April 3rd at 11:59 PM for these, so think about it! This is Maria's favorite bracket and since her favorite Disney song is on the line, she wants it to be a good one!

(We tried something new with the spacing, but still can't get it quite right. That's what happens when you don't feel like paying for an account on a poll website.)

Which Disney Song will reign supreme?


  1. I understand that I'm double posting, but my word captcha for the above post was "matata".

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  2. don't forget to include schubert's ave maria from fantasia!